Tomsk State University is introducing a system for the separate collection of waste - glass, plastic, and waste paper now will be sent separately for recycling. Vladimir Maksimchuk, a student at the Faculty of Geology and Geography, is the initiator of the new recycling system.

In January, a new waste management system was introduced in the main building, but eventually, it will be in all other University buildings and dormitories. Employees are asked to organize sorting of garbage in each office, and containers for plastic and glass, paper, and other wastes are now in the corridors. The secondary raw materials collected will be sent for processing to the company Clean World.

- Usually, waste is sent to the landfill, and this causes negative consequences. For example, city residents can get water that is unsuitable for drinking, poisoned by drainage from the landfill. A wind can bring contaminated air into a house through the window after a spontaneous combustion at a municipal landfill. By organizing a separate collection of garbage at the University, we are helping the city, - says Vladimir Maksimchuk.

According to Vladimir, the recycling of secondary waste is also beneficial from the economic point of view, because the same resources are used several times.

- I conducted a study on waste management. In Tomsk, there is a problem of overflowing container sites and unauthorized landfills. There are a lot of types of waste, and it is difficult to work with them. By sending part of it for processing, we ease the burden on the treatment system in general, - says the student.

Vladimir Maksymchuk emphasizes that the system of separate collection of garbage will work fully at the University only if it is promoted by TSU students and staff. Employees were given memos about separate waste collection, which detail the types of materials that can be recycled. Students are asked to throw garbage into special urns. Large containers appeared in University Grove, and the technical staff will render the sorted garbage.