TSU international students are studying the Russian with football

The football team of students from Asia and Africa has appeared at Tomsk State University. The students train with a Russian coach, which means that they not only learn the most popular team game but also to overcome language barriers.

The idea of creating such a team appeared in the International Division. As it was noted by the staff at the Division, TSU has many different sports associations, but, unfortunately, international students often do not know about them or shy to participate. Therefore, the management decided to take an experiment - to advertise the recruitment of international students who want to become part of a football team.

Students from Cameroon, Nigeria, Syria, Algeria, Taiwan, and Zimbabwe have responded to the ad, and Artem Artemenko, a sophomore of the Faculty of Physical Education, who is writing coursework on Mini-Football as a Tool for Physical Recreation became their coach.

- We hope that the training with a Russian coach will help our international students to overcome language barriers, make it easier to adapt to the new environment and culture, and make them feel a part of our university community - say the members of the International Division. - In addition, the game promotes the idea of mass student sports.

Now TSU holds a festival Health & Fitness, whose mission is to make the sport more accessible for staff and students.