TSU is creating an international student cookbook

Tomsk State University has started a gastronomic revolution. A new project is designed to attract the attention of students to the culture of food and assemble a collection of recipes for simple and healthy meals into one Student's Cookbook. After the completion of the project, the book will appear in English in the public domain.

- Healthy nutrition is very important for humans. Both Russian and international universities should pay special attention to this, - said Eduard Galazhinsky, Rector of TSU. - So we had the idea to start a project based on the desire for mutual exchange of the best practices of student nutrition.

The best recipes for the international Student’s Cookbook will be collected from all students in Tomsk. The project began with the first cooking competition, which was attended by teams of TSU, TSUAB, and the College of Food Industry, Trade and Services, as well as an international team from TSU. Students competed in the preparation of a fast, healthy, and cheap breakfast. The main prize was the inclusion of the best recipes in the student recipe book.

It is expected that a friendly cooking competition will be held every month. The organizers plan to provide a chance for students of all Tomsk universities and colleges to have their recipes in the cookbook.

- Today, student gastronomic identity is formed more around gastritis rather than culinary culture. This should be corrected! At least by small steps, - underline the organizers of the project. - The gastronomic revolution won’t remain just a university or Tomsk event. We will write to the best chefs with a request to present their professional but budget-conscious recipes to the student community of the world.