TSU is developing collaboration with Vietnam schools

TSU representatives visited seven of the largest and most reputable schools of Vietnam for meetings with students and teachers, presentation of educational opportunities, and discussion of possible collaboration. Nowadays, meeting with prospective students is the most productive way to gain the best applicants. Thus, students from Tran Phu High School, who won 56 international competitions, are already among the applicants to TSU.

Presentations of TSU educational opportunities took place in a special school, Huan Van Thu, located in Hoa Binh, and Kuok Hok, located in Hue. In their presentations, the Tomsk delegation told the students and teachers about Bachelor’s programmes at Tomsk State University, internships, summer and winter schools, and distance education. An agreement on signing a memorandum of understanding was reached.

In addition, the TSU delegation visited the high school in Danang, where 70% of the graduates leave to study abroad, and the Tran Phu high school in Haiphong, where Svetlana Faschanova, an associate professor at TSU, held training seminars for teachers of the Russian language.

TSU representatives also worked in a number of universities in Vietnam. Because of this, Tomsk State University became the only Russian university invited to the anniversary of the Vietnam National University - University of Science. The ceremony took place in the presence of Pham Vu Luan, Minister of Education and Training, and Tran Dai Quang, President of Vietnam.

TSU staff met with the leadership of the University of Foreign Languages Hue and with the management and students of the University of Danang and the Danang University of Science and Technology, where they discussed the possibility of internships, summer and winter schools, and distance education.