TSU organized an Olympiada for the best schools in Vietnam

An Olympiada of the Russian language took place in Vietnam at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC) in Hanoi, with graduates of 10 schools participating. TSU was one of the organizers, with other leading universities of the country – the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Russian State Hydrometeorological University, and National University of Science and Technology MISiS. This will help attract the best graduates of Vietnam who speak Russian to the University.

TSU was represented in Hanoi by Artyom Rykun, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, and Galina Starikova, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Philology, who came to the subject committee on the Russian language.

- It should be noted that many participants are from the partner schools of TSU - Tran Phu (Hai Phong) and Phan Boi Chau (Vinh), - says Artyom Rykun. - The level of training of students from the regions has been extremely high, with 8 out of 10 Tran Phu students passed in the third round of the Olympiada - the best result among of Vietnam provincial schools.

Tran Phu High School is the best school in North Vietnam. Its students are regularly involved in the TSU schools to study the Russian language, meet with representatives of the University, and pass the test. Five of its graduates have become the students of Tomsk State University; they are studying at the Faculty of Journalism, Computer Science, and the Department of International Relations.

Under the agreement between the Ministries of Education and Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Russia and Vietnam, the winners of the Olympiada can expect to receive a quota for training in Russian universities and a Vietnamese scholarship ($420US per month, air tickets, and health insurance).