TSU physical sciences rose in the ТНЕ subject ranking

Tomsk State University has improved its position in the subject ranking of the British edition of Times Higher Education in Physical Sciences, placing in the group 176-200. THE Physical Sciences ranking includes mathematics, statistics, physics, astronomy, chemistry, geology, and the environment. Among Russian universities in the ranking, TSU has taken 5th place.

- Physics is traditionally strong at TSU, and thanks to the TSU participation in Project 5-100, we were able to reformat the scientific work and put the right emphasis on the presentation of our work in the global scientific community. Now we are seeing the cumulative effect of these efforts: TSU is the classical university that is included in the 176-200 group of the Times Higher Education ranking in Physical Sciences, - said TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinsky.

The rector added that this is the result, firstly, of many years of work in CERN projects - from the creation of detectors for the collider to the work of the world-class center for analyzing Large Hadron Collider data. Second, biophotonics is a promising direction for TSU; the results of these studies are applied in the development of new optical technologies for diagnosing diseases in the early stages.

In the categories of Life Sciences and Sciences of Medicine and Health, TSU is included in the group 401-500.

In the overall THE ranking, Tomsk State University is in the 501-600 group among world universities and in 5th place among Russian universities.