TSU plans to issue a campus card

The Laboratory of the Digital Economy is developing campus cards for University students and employees. The personal card will combine the functions of a bank card, a student credit card, and badges with the help of which students can pay in cafes and buffets on campus, get information about studying at the University, and take books out of the library. The developers plan to present a working prototype in spring 2018.

According to the developers, the campus card will look like a small keychain, although it can be made in any form: cufflinks for a shirt, a ring, or a familiar plastic card. The app of the client’s bank will be installed on the card to enable purchases on campus. The card is synchronized with the user’s mobile device, which will communicate with the bank.

A secure database and registry will be built based on the blockchain technology. The card will also function as a student's recordbook. It will record information about the classes, status, and success of students and their professional growth, which will attract the attention of employers. The document circulation on the blockchain will allow receiving full information from the campus card. The student will be able to quickly get a certificate about studying at the University or academic performance, and the future employer will check the authenticity of the course of study and the diploma.

It is planned that the card will be a pass to the hostel and library and be a library card. The application options for the card can be extended for these uses.

- We live in a digital world, it surrounds us. In this card, we will assemble the existing technologies together, - says Alexander Ilyin, head of the Laboratory of Digital Economy. - We are trying to build the structure of the relationship of all the participants of the university system and to digitalize it. The University has a database of users, but we will go further, introducing technologies such as blockchain and digital tokens.

The Laboratory of Digital Economy, which was created at the beginning of this academic year, will develop the campus card with practicing developers.

Now, Laboratory staff is investigating TSU resources to determine which services need to be combined into a campus card. Further, the Laboratory plans to find investors ready to finance the creation of the card. Several large companies and banks are ready to collaborate, negotiations are underway, and an agreement on intentions is being prepared. The Laboratory plans to present a working prototype In spring 2018.