TSU project took two bronzes in The Best of Digital Design
Selkups. Save as ... is a multimedia project of the TSU Higher School of Journalism that received two bronze awards at the international competition The Best of Digital Design, which is held by the Society for News Design, SND. The project is dedicated to one of the smallest nations of the world - the Selkups.

Projects in digital journalism area take part In the SND competition. The results of 2018 were summed up by 13 experts from the USA and other countries. Along with the TSU project, the winners of the competition this year were the works of The New York Times, The Washington Post, Reuters, National Geographic, South China Morning Post, and other brands in the world media market.

The project Selkups. Save as ... received awards in the categories of Use of Multimedia and Website Design.

- This competition is, of course, is the main event of the year in the industry of visual journalism and media design,- said Vasily Vershinin, project manager, teacher at the TSU Higher School of Journalism. - Students did a really great job creating a project, and learned a lot during this time. I think for them to be with such publications in the same nominations, to receive comparable awards is a good confirmation of the correctly chosen quality standards and, I hope, the inspiration to move on even more.

Such contests, according to the VSJ, also suggest which areas should be developed: the greatest number of awards are related to data journalism, interactive interaction with the reader, and experimental formats. And this means that they need to be even more actively included in the project work today.

The project website describes the life of the Selkups from the village of Parabel in the Tomsk Region - their problems, interests, and culture. These are 14 stories in which texts are combined with video, audio content, and graphics. A total of 20 student journalists from various areas worked on the project: text, photo, documentary film, design, and also volunteers-translators. In preparation for the expedition, they consulted with historians, anthropologists, and linguists at TSU and other universities.

- It seems to me that the advantage of the project is that we told the story of this people in a simple and concise manner, - said Maxim Vaganov, student of the TSU Higher School of Journalism, senior project designer. - In my subjective feeling, Russian media projects are sometimes overloaded with various multimedia tools, while European ones seem to have played enough, do not use so many different effects and techniques, and look more restrained.

Details about the competition can be found on the Society for News Design website.