TSU’s ice rink could become the largest in Siberia

At the end of November, TSU will again open the largest ice rink in Tomsk on Mavlyukeevskoe Lake, near the residence hall Parus (Sail). This year, the University ice rink could become the largest ice rink in Siberia on a natural pond.

- In 2015 we had our initial, successful experience - more than 35,000 people visited the ice rink and we decided that this year it also should operate - said Sergey Kulizhskiy, Vice-Rector for Social Services. - This is a great opportunity to support a healthy lifestyle, increase awareness of the University, and show that TSU is open to the city.

In 2015, the University ice rink on Mavlyukeevskoe Lake occupied about 6,000 square metres. For the skating season, the University had bought more than 300 pairs of skates and had equipped warm locker rooms. This year, organizers plan to expand the area of the rink, and they also discussed the possibility of creating a special zone with an ice slide so the bravest could slide down the slopes of the lakeshore right onto the ice.

- The University rink is located on a natural pond, so for safety, the thickness of ice should be more than 25 centimeters - added the Vice-Rector. - In many ways, we depend on the weather conditions, but in late November the ice season will certainly be here!