TSU scientists will develop effective reagents for oil production

he project, which will be implemented at Innovation and technology centre SPhTI TSU, is dedicated to the development of efficient methods for the synthesis of new modified polysaccharide reagents for the needs of the oil and gas industry. Its supervisor is Constantin Minaev.

TSU scientists will develop domestic high-quality samples of reagents for drilling wells and increasing efficiency in the oil and gas industry.

- Construction of oil and gas wells is carried out by hydraulic flushing, that is, using drilling mud with a variety of functions: cooling the chisel, the maintenance of well walls, creating a hydrostatic pressure, and others - says Konstantin Minaev. - Most modern drilling fluid systems contain up to 20 reagents of different technological applications, however, the basic required functions of the solution provide the complex application of polysaccharide reagents such as cellulose ethers, starch, xanthan gum, and others.

At the moment the geological and technical conditions of oil and gas production have become more severe, with new deposits that are characterized by complex geology, low depth, and a number of other complicating factors. Developing such deposits requires the use of high quality materials and reagents to enable secure drilling processes at a high technological level.

- We are planning to create our own high-quality domestic polysaccharide reagents with desired properties for drilling oil and gas wells, - said Konstantin Minaev. - This will cause an overall reduction in cost. TSU project is interdisciplinary - we solve the tasks in cooperation with the TSU synthetic chemists who have wide experience in the preparation of new chemicals.

The new direction associated with the development of oil and gas production arises in TSU. For example, it is developing the technology of oil production intensification, catalysts flameless combustion of waste oil, the methods of extraction DNA of microorganisms from reservoir water of oil fields, and other. The work of scientists TSU is carried out in within the programme of improving the international competitiveness (5-100).