TSU scientists and Bulgarian colleagues are promoting new technologies
Nikola Sabotinov, Vice President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Ivan Kostadinov, Director of LLC «Pulslight» (Sofia, Bulgaria) paid a working visit to Tomsk State University.

TSU laser scientists together with the Bulgarian specialists are now working on a new project - the creation of a multiwavelength strontium vapor laser system that will be used for cutting glass.

- The unique technology of creating strontium vapor lasers was developed by our colleagues, a research group headed by Anatoly Soldatov, Professor at the Faculty of Innovative Technologies, TSU - said Academician Nikola Sabotinov. - There are no other such installations in the world. TSU scientists are the  leaders in this area. Generally, very few research groups are involved in metal vapor lasers. At the time, we were competitors with Anatoly Soldatov, because we were both conducting research in this area for a long time. But over time, the consonance of the research topics brought us together, and from the competitions we have become associates and partners.

Now the TSU scientists TSU and their Bulgarian colleagues are initiating a joint project, whose aim is to create a multiwavelength installation able to cut glass up to several microns (1 micron - 0.001 mm), and to polish it at the same time. The new technology will be used in the creation of innovative products for medical and optical instruments and gadgets, as well as in other areas of science and technology. The TSU and Bulgarian scientists are planning not just to create a prototype of an installation, but also bring a unique technology to the world market.

Recently a two-volume joint monograph of Russian and Bulgarian researchers dedicated to strontium and calcium vapor lasers, edited by Professor Anatoly Soldatov and Academician Nikola Sabotinov, was published by the Publishing House of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.