TSU student created a laboratory setting using 3D-technologies

3D-modeling technology is currently at the forefront of science. With it, scientists have the opportunity to implement a virtual model using a 3D-printer.

Tomsk State University uses the technology of 3D-modeling in research in medicine, archeology and other areas of science. So Nikita Gornaev, a student of Faculty of Physics, under the guidance of senior lecturer Vyacheslav Zasedatel, has created a laboratory setting to run an experiment from the course of optics - the polarization of light.

- At first I created a virtual model of a rather common programme - Autodesk Design, - says Nikita. - It was pretty easy, given the fact that earlier I have never worked with the programme, I did this in a week. Then, using the 3D-printer, we printed individual parts from several types of plastic and manually assembled the setting. Now it is operating. The plastic is quite strong, so we can talk about its durability under careful operation. This year another new, improved version will be created that will be used for demonstrations.

One of the advantages of the laboratory setting created at the Faculty of Physics is the fact that it is easy to replicate and copy. It may be transmitted to any educational organization as a set of files, where the model can be replicated by a similar printer.

Vyacheslav Zasedatel as an employee of the Institute of Distance Education participates in the programme for the implementation of 3D-technology in the educational process of Tomsk State University.

- 3D-technologies can be used to automate installations that are ready. Often, specific details that are difficult to produce by conventional methods or are economically disadvantageous are needed for demonstration or an experiment. Now such things are done in two or three days.