Why I'm studying here. Eugen Esch, a student from Germany

Eugen Esch, from Germany, a student at TSU


I arrived in Tomsk two and a half months ago, as part of the partnership programme  between TSU and the University of Bamberg. At Bamberg I study philosophy, sociology, and Slavonic studies, because in the undergraduate programme Slavic studies can be studied along with other specialties. I often go to Russia, usually St. Petersburg or Moscow. So when it became possible to study in Russia, it was important for me to choose a non-capital university. It was interesting to see a Russian province, to know the soul of a Russian person.

As they say here, I'm bilingual, having grown up in two languages. I was born and raised in Nuremberg. My mother is German, and my father is Russian. With my mother I speak only German, and with my father I speak only Russian. From childhood I was interested in Russian culture and language. Now I am more interested in developing in my Russian language than in German.

Many of my childhood memories are somehow connected with Russia. Father often went on business trips to Moscow, and it seemed to me some kind of ideal city. He brought home  the phonograph records of “Veselye rebyata” ("Jolly Fellows"), and my brother and I listened to them with pleasure. Somehow he was always Buynov and I was Glyzin. In adulthood, I was given a ticket to the concert of Glyzin in Moscow. I do not much like his music and style of performance as much as the opportunity to once again plunge into childhood.

I am very passionate about football. In 1994, the World Cup in America was the first for me where I consciously watched and supported the Russian team. In Tomsk, I have not missed the games of "Tom". The level of the team is very weak, but I like the show created around the game with colorful characters who shout obscenities from the stands. But their screams have no aggression, it seems more like fun. I associate such behavior with the culture of rooting at sporting events.

I think that in terms of architecture Tomsk is the most beautiful city in Siberia. The wooden architecture impressed me. As I understand it, these wooden houses now are being restored, and it's nice. I bought a guide to Tomsk in German and will explore the city.

The first month in Tomsk was my theater month. I visited a puppet theater, the Drama Theatre, and the Theatre for Young People. Most of all I liked the performance of Turgenev’s "Lack of Money". An interesting premiere "The Queen of Spades" was at Skomorokh. And, of course, the theater "2 + Ku" made a strong impression on me.

I love kebabs, but I do not like them as they are marinated in Germany. The Germans in general don’t have such a thing, but even the Turks don’t marinate it so well. Sometimes I when I go on the road I visit kebab shop, and buy myself a normal kebab.

We have great view of the River Tom’ from a window of our hostel, and sunsets over it are very beautiful. I send these pictures to Germany, and they were all admired. It seems that Germany doesn’t have such wonderful sunsets. It is a pity that the people here do not appreciate what they have. It would be nice if the bulk of the population would be more respectful to their hometown. In Tomsk, the majority of people live in an illusion of going to Piter, some want to live in Moscow, and the rest want to go abroad. Despite the fact that Tomsk has everything to live well. 

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