TSU will open a world kitchen or food court

The University has launched a discussion dedicated to establishing a new food center in the main building. Students and staff presented two strategies of organizing canteens created by university managers and urbanists. It is planned to approve the final concept before the end of 2016, and everyone can take part in the discussion.

Earlier this year, TSU launched its gastronomic revolution - a project that aims at re-engineering the public catering system at the University and will be a transition to new standards of healthy and delicious food. Under the project, the dormitory Parus (Sail) opened the international  kitchen Bell Pepper and cafes in the buildings and in the House of Sports. Now the revolution will affect the dining room in the main building.

In particular, it is planned not only to rearrange optimally the existing area of food stations, but also to expand the range of dishes. According to the concept developed by the TSU Centre of Urbanistics, a food court with several food providers can be created in the centre of the campus, following the example of the leading universities in the world. The second possible organization scheme is called Cuisine of the World, with its own bakery and lounge area.

- We want to get quality food, - said Sergey Kulizhskiy, Vice-Rector for Social Affairs. - By this, we mean the quality of the products, the high culture of service, and reasonable price for the services.

TSU employees and students presented their ideas at the discussion on the restructuring of university catering and in particular, the participants suggested introducing a breakfast menu and to organize special card accounts to pay for student lunches. All proposals have been worked on by the authors of the project for a new catering strategy.

It is planned to approve the concept of a new power center until the end of 2016. A new dining center will be approved by the end of 2016. Everyone can offer an idea for the gastronomic revolution at the university. To do this, you should send a letter to the Centre for Organizational Support and Maintenance of Activities: usvr_tsu@mail.ru

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