TSU creates a "Road Map" for the development of joint projects with universities in the USA and Euro...

TSU is hosting a seminar "Development of an organization's ability to operate in a complex international environment". A "Road Map" for the development of joint projects with United States and Europe universities will be the result of the event.

Professors John Pourdehnad (University of Pennsylvania, USA) and Larry Starr (Philadelphia University, USA), representatives of the leading scientific and practical schools in the area of system design, are conducting this seminar. TSU managers of international cooperation projects are participants in the event.

- This seminar has two objectives - says Felix Tarasenko, Professor of the International School of Management. - The first is to introduce the people who are involved in the organization of the University international activities to the systematic approach to the work planning, that is, management development. The second is to design an action plan, a "Road Map" for the development of Tomsk University international activities, associated in particular with leading American universities.

The seminar will be held throughout the week. The participants, with the help of training and discussions, will evaluate the current state of higher education in the world, gain project planning concepts, and apply their skills to create a strategy for cooperation of TSU with other universities.

- We believe that the seminar will be very successful, and hope that as a result, we will create a community of people that will be ready not only to change the university, but also to create something new that will take it to a new level - says John Pourdehnad, Professor at the University of Pennsylvania.