Well-known designers and art historians are working with TSU students

The Department of Design of the TSU Institute of Art and Culture has launched an interdisciplinary educational program Art & Science: Art. Design. Technology. Classes for undergraduates are conducted by both teachers of the Institute of Arts and Culture and the Siberian Design Center, and the best Russian and international experts in design and contemporary art.

Among them are Dmitry Bulatov, the Russian contemporary artist, art theorist, and curator; Antonio Geusa, the theorist of contemporary art and curator; Antonio Vilches-Nogerol, head of the ART-Design creative studio; and Aristarkh Chernyshev, Russian media artist.

- Art & Science is one of the modern interdisciplinary frontiers, where scientific knowledge and new technologies are conceptualized and used by artists, designers, and developers. The design is needed in scientific projects, and science is needed in modern design. Artists are working with scientific material, scientists are working with the creative possibilities of art. We have created a Master’s program for such complex interdisciplinary tasks (like other programs of the StrAU Institute of the Human of the Digital Era). The first semester of the program began in the fall of 2018. Currently we have places for a fee and 5 budget places, - says Professor Dmitry Galkin, head of the program.

Expert of the program Dmitry Bulatov, for example, is known, in particular, for implementing world-class research and exhibition projects in Russia and Europe. He has more than 20 international exhibitions. Bulatov is a member of the editorial boards of magazines on contemporary art DOC (K) S (France) and NOEMA (Italy). He is also a two-time winner of the national prize Innovation (Russia, 2008, 2013). In 2014, he was nominated for Golden Nike by Prix Ars Electronica Festival (Austria) in Visionary Pioneers of Media Art.

- I enjoy working with TSU colleagues. It's nice to see new programs and features appear. Here the personal contribution of Professor Dmitry Galkin, who is not only a world-class researcher but also the creator of new education, means a lot. I was pleasantly surprised, for example, by the gallery in the main building, which he created, - notes Dmitry Bulatov.

Dmitry Bulatov adds that Institute of Arts and Culture students are very active and offer serious projects:

- This is not the first course I read at TSU, and I always enjoy communicating with students. Now we are analyzing not only the foundations of Art & Science and technological art but also their projects and practical developments with undergraduates. I am glad about their critical thought and desire to think about current problems. I will wait for their first joint exhibition in May this year.

The program Art & Science: Art. Design. Technologies includes such areas as practical synthesis of arts, design and engineering for innovative enterprises, speculative / critical design, practices of modern art, digital design and prototyping, directing and storytelling, and FabLab workshop.