Faculty of Innovative Technologies

In 1999, the Russian Ministry of Education Innovation Center was transformed into the Russian State University of Innovation Technologies and Entrepreneurship (ITBU).

Faculty of Innovative Technologies was established in 2009 at National Research Tomsk State University by the order of Rector on the basis of West Siberian Branch of Russian State University of Innovation Technologies and Entrepreneurship. The faculty staff includes – 2 Academicians, 2 Corresponding members of the academy, 15 Doctors of Sciences, 22 Ph.D.

The Faculty successfully develops scientific and scientific-methodological support for innovation activity and promotes its own innovative projects. It allows training highly qualified specialists, who meet the requirements of innovative development of national and international economies.

Undergraduate programmes   
(Length of training - 4 years):
Annual tuition fees
  Full-time education Part-time education
27.03.05 – Innovation studies  1207 $  687 $
27.03.02 – Quality management  1207 $  687 $
09.03.03 – Applied Informatics 1336 $ 687 $
Graduate programmes   
(Length of training - 2 years):
Annual tuition fees
27.03.05 – Innovation studies
               – Management of scientific and technical activities  and                                           implementation of technologies
 1418 $
27.03.02 – Quality management
               – Quality management in engineering and manufacturing systems
 1418 $
09.03.03 – Applied Informatics

   – Informational, intelligent control and navigation systems

   – Informational systems for monitoring and ensuring security of cities and territories

   – Intelligent informational systems of pattern recognition

   – Informational systems for automation of instrumentation

 1418 $
 23.04.00 – Informational systems and technology

    – Informational intelligent medical systems

    – Information systems and technologies in science and instrumentation

 2453 $
Ph.D. programmes   
(Length of training - 3 years):
 09.03.03 – Applied Informatics 4000 $  


 Main research centers and laboratories


The Faculty has some laboratories in its structure

Laboratory of Laser Physics and Crystal physics

Research and development of high-power multicolor pulse-periodic gas lasers with nanosecond pulses and technologies based on them

Laboratory of High-performance Reconfigurable Systems

One of the important activities of the faculty is to promote international cooperation.

International Research and Education Center "Lasers and laser technologies" was created on the base of the Faculty of Innovative Technologies. It consists of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Sofia, Bulgaria) and OOO «Pulslight» (Sofia, Bulgaria). Faculty of Innovative Technologies also works with "Hyperboloid" (New York, USA) and Harbin Institute of Technology (Harbin, China).

The Faculty also operates Tomsk office of technology platform "Photonics".


Research managers

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 44.jpg
Anatoliy Soldatov Nikola Sabotinov  Vladimir Syryamkin Edward Sosnin 
Dean, Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Honoured Inventor of the RF Academician,  former President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Head of Department of Quality management Professor, Doctor of Technical Science Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences 
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Oleg Romanovsky Vladimir Prokop'ev Nicolay Yudin   Stanislav Shydlouski
Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences


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