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  • This time I want to talk about the topic of strategic academic units (StrAU).
  • 31.03.2016
    Digital Nomads Are Among Us (Part II)
    The second part of the conversation about digital nomadism.
  • 25.03.2016
    Digital Nomads Are Among Us (Part I)
    At present, Tomsk State University is preparing for the III International Transdisciplinary Research and Practice Web-Conference Connect-Universum-2016, which will be held on May 24-26. The organizers of the event are the research centre TSSW (Trans-Siberian Scientific Way), the TSU Department of International Affairs, and the Department of Social Communication of the Faculty of Psychology.
  • In the second half of February two significant events took place in Krasnoyarsk. The first was the 2nd International Research Conference “Siberian Platform: Issues and Goals of Developing Siberia and the Krasnoyarsk Region”, held by Siberian Federal University. The second was the 13th Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum-2016. 
  • 29.02.2016
    Council of Like-Minded People
    A meeting of the Advisory Council is always a great occasion for a university that participates in the 5-100 Programme. Such meeting took place at TSU on February 4.
  • 12.02.2016
    We Have Chosen the Right Way: Trans-Siberian Scientific Way!
    One of the very important events that took place at TSU in the first week of February was the official opening of Trans-Siberian Scientific Way  (TSSW).
  • Here I present the second part of the recorded presentation of the joint project of the excellent school of economics and management, which will be carried out by TSU and Sberbank Corporate University.  
  • University is one of the most stable social institutions. Many things come and go. But university is something that remains at all times. What makes it so resistant?
  • At the end of the last century, many countries launched their programs on creating world-class universities with a global reputation for academic excellence. The Russian 5-100 Program is one of such projects.
  • When we talked about the books by Nassim Taleb, our key terms were Black Swans and antifragility. I wanted to discuss the issue with my colleague, Doctor of Psychology, Professor Vitaliy Klochko. He is the author of the theory of psychological systems. 
  • 16.11.2015
    Part II: Let Yourself Be a New Person without Losing What You Used To Have
    Part II: According to Taleb, when people try to suppress volatility, they only make the system more fragile and eliminate visible causes for concern...
  • Relatively recently, a new metaphor “Black Swan” has been introduced to the world. Nassim Taleb, American economist, was the one who coined the term...
  • The Russian Geographic Society started celebrating its 170th anniversary in Tomsk last week. Now it is going to continue the celebration in an All-Russian format. There are dozens of national geographic societies (NGS) in the world.  
  • 20.10.2015
    A big event took place at TSU in the middle of October. Our University held the First International Student Jazz Symposium. The theme was “The Technologies of Spontaneous Self-Expression as a Method of Actualization of Human Creativity”. Why did the University decide to host the event?
  • Autumn is the time for the international and national rating agencies to publish the results of their annual surveys on evaluation of the global university activity.
  • By force of various circumstances many books by acknowledged international researchers have never been translated into Russian. Some authors, who are considered “living classics” among the international community, are not recognized by the Russian researchers, professors, and students.
  • The first two weeks of September were rich on interesting and important events held at Tomsk State U...
  • Recently, the word combinations “global credibility crisis” and “global economic crisis”...
  • Last time I said that one of our prior problems to solve is the system of public catering at the Uni...
Strategic Academic Units