Russian as a Foreign Language

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  Russian language study is:
  multicultural linguistic environment
  great learning experience of international students
  well-qualified individual teachers  



TSU has 20 years of experience teaching international students. The Faculty of Philology over the years has conducted pre-vocational training programmes for students from all over the world: Spain, Italy, Germany, USA, Belgium, Poland, China, Turkey, South Korea, Tunisia, Taiwan, Mongolia, Egypt and Turkmenistan. 

TSU organized Summer Schools with intensive training in the Russian language and implemented programmes of academic student exchange from universities in Italy, Germany, USA, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, and other countries. 

Since 2010 our University has implemented the Bachelor's double diploma programme. The Master's programme "Russian as a Foreign Language" operates for Russian and international undergraduate and graduate specialists in philology. 


language3[1].jpgPreparatory Faculty  

Undergraduate (profile "Linguistics")language4[1].jpg

Master's programme "Russian as a Foreign Language"

Postgraduate studies

Short courses of Russian language for international students
(Internship 1 to 6 months)

Summer and Winter Schools 

Classes are taught by Russian language teachers of the Department, who have special training and considerable experience in working with international students. You can receive detailed information about Summer and Winter Schools by request to

The TSU Faculty of Philology organizes:

Distance learning by international citizens
Courses by level (80 hours, duration of course is 2 months)

Thematic programmes (40 hours, course duration - 1 month)

Testing in Russian as a Foreign Language

Russian as a Foreign Language
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