Honorary members of the Imperial Tomsk University

Honorary Member of the Imperial Tomsk University – honorary title awarded by the Council of the Imperial Tomsk University since 1891 

Nicholas II of All Russia – Emperor of Russia, Tsar of Poland and the Grand Prince of Finland (rank awarded in 1891) 

Ivan D. Delianov – Statesman of the Russian Empire, Court Chamberlain of His Imperial Majesty (rank awarded in 1892) 

Alexander M. Sibiryakov – Philanthropist and Siberian Entrepreneur (rank awarded in 1904) 

Dmitry I. Mendeleev – Outstanding Russian Chemist (rank awarded in 1904) 

Heinrich Dernburg – Lawyer, the most prominent specialist in Roman law famous popularizer of legal knowledge and science, Professor at the University of Berlin (rank awarded in 1906) 

Petr Petrovich Semenov-Tian-Shansky – Vice-Chairman of the Imperial Russian Geographic Society (rank awarded in 1907) 

Ivan P. Pavlov – Academician Outstanding Russian physiologist (rank awarded in 1909) 

Gustave Moynier – Co-Founder of the International Committee of Red Cross (rank awarded in 1910) 

Henri Dunant – The Founder of the International Committee of Red Cross (rank awarded in 1910) 

Albert I – King of Belgium (rank awarded in 1915)  

Nikolai Nikolayevich Romanov - Junior Supreme Commander of all land and sea forces of the Russian Empire (rank awarded in 1915) 

Vasily M. Florinskiy – Professor, Trustee of the West Siberian School District (rank awarded in 1893) 

Mikhail G. Kurlov – General Practitioner, Professor of Tomsk University, Rector of the Imperial Tomsk University from September 5, 1903 to November 18, 1906 (rank awarded in 1919) 

Vasiliy V. Sapozhnikov – Professor, Outstanding Scientist, Rector of Tomsk University from December 20, 1906 to December 20, 1909 and from May 13, 1917 to July 1, 1918 (rank awarded in 1924)