Strategic Academic Units

Eduard Galazhinskiy: “This year, the universities of the 5-100 Programme were proposed with a new ideology of development. It is based on determining the key directions and carrying out the education activity in accordance with the research. The ideology led to establishing so called strategic Academic units (StrAUs).

We have established 4 StrAUs at TSU. They correspond to the basic challenges the humanity faces today on global scale”.

The Rector pointed out, that the humanity will go through great transformations in the near future. These transformations will be connected with changes in the quality of life – quality of the environment, the humans, the society, and the technologies. The units are: Institute of Biomedicine; Institute of Smart Materials and Technology; Siberian Institute of Future (TSSW); and Institute of the Human of the Digital Era.

He emphasized: "Global economy is going through drastic changes now. It was observed at the recent Forum in Davos where major trends of the fourth industrial revolution were discussed. New type of economy focuses on quality of life. That is why our strategic units will deal with four key spheres of changing: the human, the society, physical reality, and the environment”.

And here you can read the report of the StrAUs