Faculty of Physics and Engineering

Faculty of Physics and Engineering

Tradition and research areas of the faculty were established in the early 1930th, when in connection with the development of new technology appeared scientific approach associated with the wide application of mathematical methods, the results of research in the field of continuum mechanics. It was needed for design of complex technical systems, so it was formed a new direction - mathematical modeling, which is currently in connection with the development of multiprocessor supercomputing technology is widely used in the design of new equipment and the development of new technologies and materials.

Currently the faculty conducts training of specialists in the following departments:

  • Department of Applied Gas Dynamics and Combustion
  • Department of Strength and Design
  • Department of Mechanics of Deformed Solid Body
  • Department of Mathematical Physics
  • Department of Flight Dynamics
  • Department of Applied Aerodynamics


  • Physics of Kinetic Phenomena
  • Dynamics and Strength of Machines
  • Robots and Robotic Systems
  • Design and Manufacture of Composite Materials
  • Ballistics