Faculty of Physical Education

Faculty of Physical Education

Faculty of Physical Education was opened by the order of TSU Rector G.V. Mayer in December, 2005.

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Infrastructure

The Faculty of Physical Education enjoys training and sports facilities well equipped to satisfy most demanding requirements. The TSU sports facilities include: a sports centre (the TSU House of Sports) housing a large multi-purpose sports hall, body shaping and aerobics gyms, a fitness centre, a special purpose hall for a health group, a rehabilitation centre, etc; three-hall bodybuilding and weightlifting sports centre; a stadium; 25metre and 4 lane swimming pool; and more.

The sports facilities overall area is 9000m². Their condition meets modern sanitary and hygiene requirements.

The Faculty Research Activity

In 2013, under the academic mobility programme, professor V.G. Shilko and professor L.V. Kapilevich were on a two-week visit to the University of Pennsylvania (the USA). The visit resulted in establishing partnerships with a number of the USA universities. At present, the Faculty staff includes remotely employed members: professor of the University of Pennsylvania Elena Wassermann, professor of Harvard University DmitryAtochin, professor of Rutgers University Andrew Gow.

In 2013, professor L.V. Kapilevich led the Faculty research under the RF Ministry of Education state orderOrganizational Law and Philosophical Anthropology Foundations of Innovative Sociocultural Practices.

Since 2014, the Faculty has been engaged in establishing laboratory of cognitive studies of activities in space. The Faculty has collaborated with Director of the Cosmonaut Training Centre S.Krikalev and cosmonaut team leader A.Kaleri. The Faculty students have the opportunity to do their internships at the Cosmonaut Training Centre.

The Faculty Structure:

  • Department of Physical Education and Sport
  • Department of Gymnastics and Sports Games
  • Department of Sport and Wellness Outdoor Tourism, and Sports Physiology and Medicine

Dean: Professor V.G. Shilko, Adv. D. of Pedagogical Sc.

Academic Programmes

Bachelor's degree programmes

1. Physical Education. 034300. Degree awarded: Bachelor of Physical Education

Graduates' career opportunities:

  • teaching and coaching in all types of education institutions and in sports clubs by type
  • management in the area of physical education and sport at local, regional, and federal levels
  • recreation and rehabilitation physical education
  • research

2. Recreation and Sport and Wellness Outdoor Tourism. 034600. Degree awarded: Bachelor of Recreation and Sport and Wellness Outdoor Tourism

This programme is unique for the region. According to the latest surveys, the demand for specialists in this field is dozens times higher than the number of graduates. This seems to be the reason why our graduates tend to defend their degree work after they have found a job or internships have often translated into full-time employment.

The programme graduates are employed as teachers, guides, instructors, and managers in recreation, tourism, and sport.

Within the programme, there are two concentrations offered: Sport and Wellness Outdoor Tourism and Management in the Area of Recreation and Tourism.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programmes


The programme is intended for coaches and educators with a university degree or a vocational education qualification and relevant work experience, interested in a short-term training to enhance their professional qualification.

The course participants will acquire modern methods of physical education and sports training, and physical condition assessment to diagnose health level of people they train. They will learn to distinguish between major and minor factors affecting health level and acquire the methodology of wellness training in popular sports.

Those participants who successfully pass the exams and defend the qualifying coursework are conferred the TSU short-term professional enhancement certificate.

(Professional Retraining Programme, 576 hours)

The programme is designed for graduates in any field, not necessarily related to physical education, interested in acquiring professional competencies in physical education.

The programme aims to develop professional competencies in physical education and sports training. At the same time, the programme curriculum allows participants to develop the knowledge they have and obtain new understanding of the general pedagogical issues related to all-round harmonious development of personality.

Those who successfully pass tests and exams and defend the qualifying coursework are conferred the TSU professional retraining diploma allowing them to pursue the career in a new area of professional activity.

The CPE programmes can be delivered in the distance learning mode using distance education technologies.