Visa to Russia


The student visa is intended for students who come to Russia on an exchange programme or for education (full-time or part-time study, language courses, individual language or research training). This type of visa is available if you applied to Tomsk State University and are accepted to study here. In this case, you will need to provide the International Division of the University with your data.

Usually, a student visa does not have a limited-time validity, but is extended repeatedly, depending on how long you will be studying at the university that provided you the invitation. This means that with the invitation from a university, you may apply for and receive a one-entry student visa that can be prolonged for the whole period of your studies after your arrival.


Important steps of the visa process for an international student

1) Receiving a visa invitation from the University

Receiving a visa invitation from the University takes 30-40 days. 
Once you have received the admission confirmation you need to send the following items to the International Division:

2) Applying for an entry visa, which allows you to enter the country for 90 days

After receiving the above-mentioned documents and payments, we will send you a Visa Support Letter and Official Letter of Admission. Then, please contact the Russian Embassy or Consulate General in the specified city in order to get your visa.

You should enter Russia with no less than 20 days left before expiration of your one-entry student visa.

3) Entry to Russia and receiving a local migration registration for the period of your entry visa

Registration is an essential part of a successful stay in Tomsk for an international student. An international student must be registered within 3 days of arrival in Russia by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation in Tomsk. If you are late in registering, you should submit your ticket for the period you were on the journey (as in the case of train travel). Be sure to register as soon as possible upon arrival in Tomsk, even if with documentation of delayed travel. Otherwise, you will be required to leave fingerprints after being finger-printed and will have to pay a fine to get your registration.


·         The process of receiving the visa invitation takes 30 days.

·         You will receive a scanned copy of your invitation by e-mail (for your information).

·         The original invitation will be sent to you by mail (please, let us know the exact address to which you wish the original invitation to be sent).

·         You will be granted an entry visa to Russia after you submit the original invitation and other required documents to an Embassy (or Consulate) of Russia in the city that you specified.

·         The entry visa granted with an invitation from TSU will permit you to arrive in the Russian Federation 3 to 5 days before the programme starts.

You should not book or purchase your tickets before you receive the scanned copy of your invitation by e-mail.

List of Required Documents

Please make sure you have the following documents upon arrival at Tomsk State 12.jpgUniversity


TSU provides visa support to the applicant through the appropriate Embassy (Consulate) of the Russian Federation.

For visa support, it is necessary to send an e-mail to that contains a copy of the passport that includes the following information:

It takes 35 working days to assure receiving the invitation. 
There is NO possibility for an urgent invitation issuance. Try to do everything well in advance. The invitation will be sent to you by express mail.

Fees for visa support are included in the tuition fees.


All foreign citizens arriving in Russia are required to complete a migration card given at Customs.
Please fill it in carefully and keep it safe until you leave the country, along with your passport and registration.