International Academic Advisory Board


International Academic Advisory Board of the Tomsk State University is an advisory body responsible for giving recommendations on issues relating to the University internationalization in the areas of education, science and innovation.

The Board participates in the University strategic development and increasing its competitiveness among world leading international research and education centers.

The Board activities are aimed at improving the effectiveness of the University’s international activities. The main goal of the Board’s work is to assist in solving the urgent issues related to the goals and objectives of the University strategic development.

The Board carries out its activities in accordance with the Russian Federation legislation, the Russian Federation international agreements and the decisions of the University’s Academic Board.

April 21-23 Tomsk State University held a strategy session of the International Academic Council. Members of the Board in conference with the university leadership, deans, directors and representatives of TSU Research Institute key laboratories were active for three days. During the session, global trends of scientific knowledge and university role in the world scientific community were discussed.