Here are some useful contacts for future students

All the questions about admission, visa related questions, tuition and accommodation fees, medical insurance and cost of studying can be discussed with

International Students Recruitment Office

The Centre, which can provide all necessary information about living in Tomsk and give advice is

International Student Services Centre

Lidia Zhulyova, Head of the Student Services Centre

Pre-courses Department

Darya Tarakanova - Specialist of the Department

8 (3822) 785-607

Office 201a, 3a Buyanovsky Alley, Tomsk 634050

The Russian language course

Faschanova Svetlana, Specialist of foreigners teaching department

Department of PhD and Post-Doctoral Studies of Tomsk State University

Prudetskaya Yuna, Human Resources Manager 

International Division

Evgeniya Pyatovskaya, Head of International Programs Office

English site version support

Alexandra Bekkerman

Press Office

Tatyana Arsenyeva