Excellence Support Unit


O.M. Shaduiko


Olga Mikhailovna Shadyiko

E.E. Kocheva

Evgenia Eduardovna Kocheva

Deputy Director 

A.M. Nikiforova

Anastasia Mikhailovna Nikiforova


M.A. Shadyiko

Maria Aleksandrovna Shadyiko


Telephone: +7 (3822) 526-949 

E-mail: excellence.tsu@gmail.com 

Address: 36 Lenin Ave., office 301, Tomsk 634050

Following the International Academic Advisory Board’s recommendation, TSU created the Excellence Support Unit in 2014.  To serve the internationalization goals of the campus, the ESU aspires to:

Our mission is to promote the University’s goals by creating and supporting a stable community of international scientists loyal to TSU. The ESU’s goals are to provide services that enhance the quality of international scientists’ intercultural experience, and contribute to TSU’s internationalization and visibility around the world.
We are working on the basis of an individual approach to every partner. 
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or e-mail excellence.tsu@gmail.com

We would be happy to help you!


THE PROVISION. Visiting Professor Programme

Annex 1. Application form of an open international grant competition for supporting the invited leading scientists and experts for a short term in the framework of Visiting Professor Program Tomsk State University Academic D.I. Mendeleev Fund Programme

Annex 2. Curriculum vitae

Annex 3. Individual work plan

Annex 4. Project financial plan