Student Union

The Student Union supports first-year students’ socialization, organizes leisure and cultural events, and organizes affordable tourist trips. Any student may apply for advice, legal protection, and assistance with any issue of interest or problem to the representative of the Union in the faculty or directly to the Union.

PR Commission

Thanks to the work of the Commission, all students learn about events from social networks. Also, every autumn the Commission conducts an audition of those who want to become hosts of University events.

The Institute of Curators

The mission of the curators is to help freshmen students adapt to university life. The training of future curators and student groups takes place in summer (2 weeks) and autumn (express school). Curators are taught by senior curators, trainers, experienced psychologists, professional trainers, and a creative team of organizers. Throughout the academic year, the curators are active participants in TSU student activities.

Headquarters of Student Brigades

Students may take part in different areas of work in the summer: construction, agricultural, service, and pedagogical work, as well as in detachments of train conductors. Work in student groups is a good life experience, great work, and some of the brightest moments of student life. In order to enter the student brigade, you need to fill in a questionnaire at the Student Union.

InterYes - International Student Association

The Association’s purpose is to help international students integrate into the student life of the University. It traditionally holds such events as the festival of national cuisine, the festival Ethno City, and literary living rooms of the peoples of the world and organizes New Year's mail and much more.

Center for Creative Initiatives TSU

The center organizes University events, the most significant of which are the student initiation ceremony, the feast of national cuisine, and the New Year's ball. All events are organized and conducted by students.

Intellectual Games Club

The Club gathers fans of various intellectual and thematic games. You can try yourself both in the individual and in the team championship.

Discussion Club

This club is a language platform for TSU students to organize creative and discussion meetings in English. The participants are divided into teams and discuss topics, presenting their points of view.

Club of Parliamentary Debates

This club is for heated debates and lengthy discussions of the most timely topics. Also, here there are many good people, trips to tournaments, and interesting evenings with friends.

Student Media Center

These are the people who know about everything that happens at the university and tell others about it. Photographers, videographers, journalists, and bloggers work at the Media Center. In addition to their basic informational activities, they organize various competitions and promotions.

The Social Commission

Its main goal is to involve students in social life to create social projects. Some of the activities are charity events, visits to rehabilitation centers and children's homes, and celebrations and actions.

Mass Sports Commission

Spartakiads, cups, relay races, championships, and other sports activities are managed by the commission. It will help you to find your sport and successfully do it at TSU.

Initiative (volunteer organization)

In addition to working in orphanages and shelters, Initiative volunteers hold exhibitions, flash mobs, trainings, seminars, conferences, fairs, festivals, and other actions aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles at the University and in the city. The volunteers have implemented such projects as:

  • Puppet Theater “Machaon"
  • Start to live differently
  • Public bookcase
  • Bench of reconciliation