Partner Universities

In the 19th century, the establishment of the first university in Siberia - Tomsk State University - caused a great sensation and generated widespread support from the international community. 

TSU's partnership with overseas colleagues has long historical traditions and our circle of partners widens annually. 

We are constantly developing and strengthening our positions in the international academic space.




загруженное (1).jpg 8_The Alfred Wegener Institute carries out research in the Arctic and Antarctic.jpg ger-bamberg.jpg


The Alfred Wegener Institute 

 Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg


5_Leibniz Universität Hannover.png

7_Freie Universität Berlin.jpg 6_RWTH Aachen University.jpg
 Leibniz Universität Hannover


RWTH Aachen University

3_University of Mannheim.jpg       9_Technische Universität Braunschweig..jpg 4_University of Greifswald.jpg

 University of Mannheim

 Technische Universität Braunschweig 

 University of Greifswald


images.png salerno.jpg University of Bologna..jpg

 Politecnico di Milano

 University of Salerno

University of Bologna

Logo-360x360-png-rosso.png  M_Ripa.gif загруженное.jpg 

Sapienza University of Rom 

"L'Orientale" University of Naples

            Università di Pisa


sud.jpg     University of Toulouse Logo.jpg    UDL.jpg

Université Paris-Sud

Toulouse University

Université de Lorraine

    University of Burgundy.gif          Université de Rouen.jpg 221-observatoire-midi-pyrenees_medium.jpg
  University of Burgundy 

  Université de Rouen

    The Midi-Pyrénées observatory
b938e9bc6b93b7a20b5628b857a83d40_400x400.jpeg Lille University of Science and Technology.jpg  Logo_Ecole_polytechnique_horizontal_jpeg_HD.jpg
Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers   Lille University of Science and Technology                         École Polytechnique
           7DS6laS.png            tpt-6dcee1ce8e448406cf251da99081bab2.jpg             logo-chimie-paristech-twitter_400x400.jpg
                 ENSTA ParisTech                  Telecom ParisTech                      Chimie ParisTech

United Kingdom

Durham-University.jpg University of Oxford.jpg University of Bath.jpg

Durham University 

University of Oxford

University of Bath

University-of-Aberdeen.jpg      National Physical Laboratory.jpg     institution-159-Sussex.jpg

University of Aberdeen

National Physical Laboratory

              University of Sussex
        Goldsmiths, University of London  


University of Wrocław.jpg Akademia Pomorska w Słupsku.jpg Fryderyk Chopin University of Music.png

University of Wrocław

  Akademia Pomorska w Słupsku

  Fry­deryk Chopin Uni­ver­sity of Music


Adam Mickiewicz Institute



              Spain                                              Belgium

University of the Basque Country.jpg The University of the Balearic Islands.jpg Université libre de Bruxelles.png

University of the Basque Country

  The University of the Balearic Islands 

Université libre de Bruxelles


Utrecht University.jpg ned-maastricht.jpg Wageningen University.jpg

 Utrecht University

 Maastricht University 

Wageningen University

   Switzerland                                                             Norway

University-of-Bern-Logo.png ETH_Zurich-_Swiss_Federal_Institute_of_Technology_logo.jpg      uit-logo.png                     

University of Bern

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

        University of Tromsø
    The Arctic University of Norway


University of Vienna.jpg      bfi_wien.jpg                                                             

University of Vienna

 University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna



Stockholm University.jpg   умеа.jpg         Folkuniversitetet.jpg  

 Stockholm University




Sweden Royal Academy of Sciences


   Finland                       Bulgaria                 Czech Republic

University of Oulu.jpg Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.jpg images).png

University of Oulu     

  Bulgarian Academy of Sciences    

Masaryk University

  Portugal                              Slovenia                         Slovakia   

University of Coimbra.jpg   University of Maribor.jpg   Technical University of Kosice.jpg

University of Coimbra

  University of Maribor   

Technical University of Kosice

European Union projects

INTERACT.jpg   European Space Agency.jpg                                                  


   European Space Agency



Shenyang Ligong University.jpg Hebei United University.jpg Chongqing University.jpg

Shenyang Ligong University

 Hebei United University

Chongqing University 

Tianjin Conservatory of Music.jpg University of Science and Technology of China.jpg City University of Hong Kong.jpg

Tianjin Conservatory of Music

University of Science and Technology of China

City University of Hong Kong

Changzhou University.jpg China Medical University.jpg  

Changzhou University

China Medical University



       IIT_Bombay_Logo.svg.png jnu2.jpg             IIT_Madras_Logo.svg.png
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay   Jawaharlal Nehru University   Indian Institute of Technology Madras 
      загруженное (2).jpg  
               University of Delhi  


Feng Chia University.JPG   Ming Chuan University.jpg National Central University..jpg

Feng Chia University

Ming Chuan University

National Central University


MN-Khovd-University.jpg     Mongolian State University.jpg                                    

University of Khovd

 Mongolian State University  

       Korea                                                            Japan

Kongju National University.jpg Yeungnam University.gif              tmu_symbol01.png      

Kongju National University

  Yeungnam University  

   Tokyo Metropolitan University


Ho Chi Minh City University of Science.jpg Vietnam National University.jpg                                                                             
Ho Chi Minh City University of Science         Vietnam National University  


 brand.gif загруженное (1).jpg
  Universiti Sains Malaysia     University of Malaya


Russian-Tajik Slavonic University.jpg
Tajik State University of Commerce.jpg

Russian-Tajik Slavonic University

  Tajik State University of Commerce



images (1).png

Nanyang Technological University  



Middle East

Israel                                     Turkey        

 Ben-Gurion_University_of_the_Negev.svg.png United Towers.jpg
Ben Gurion University of The Negev    United Towers



200px-Ohio_University_seal.png University of California (UCLA).jpg Marywood_University_seal.png

Ohio University

University of California

 Marywood University

University_of_Florida_seal.png University of Alaska Anchorage.jpg University of Arizona.jpg

University of Florida

University of Alaska 

University of Arizona


Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.jpg
Universida de Federalde Minas Gerais 
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Australia                                 Africa

Curtin University.jpg University of Namibia.jpg

Curtin University

University of Namibia