Sport at TSU


Currently the Sports House is not only a place where you have to go to physical culture. Here you can play sports and improve your health. In addition to classes in the gyms, shaping, aerobics, and fitness, you can swim in the pool, ski, and run at the stadium.

TSU Sports Club

It is a subdivision of the University, which is engaged in extracurricular sports, health work among students, postgraduates, teachers, and university staff.

  1. Mountaineering club
  2. Mountain tourism club “Berendei”
  3. Speleological club “Spectrum”
  4. Club of scuba divers “SKAT”
  5. Chess club
  6. Karate-do club “Agate”
  7. TSU hockey club


If you like active sports and recreation in nature, then go to rest in the sports and health camp "Harmony", which is located on the bank of the river Ob. Annually about 350 students rest and train here in July and August.

Five meals a day, sport exercises, playing sports (volleyball, basketball, football, swimming, athletics, and other), various contests, discos, and much more. To get there, you need to contact with the TSU Sports Club.

Interuniversity Hospital

If it necessary, you can get medical care in the intercollegiate hospital. Each faculty has its own therapist - a doctor who will help to write directions for tests, procedures, prescribe the necessary treatment, and others.

Psychologist's help

If you are in a difficult situation, and there is no one to talk about the problem, you can contact the psychological service