Executive Board

The University is led by the Rector, who is elected by an extended academic board for a five-year period, and by University administration appointed by the rector and composed of vice-rectors for academic affairs, research, social and administrative work, international affairs and network-based information activities, development programmes, and security. University governance is based on the following principles:



Eduard V. Galazhinskiy

Rector  (Rector's page)

Born in 1968, Professor and Doctor of Psychology,

Eduard V. Galazhinskiy graduated from the TSU Department of History in 1990. He is a full member of the Russian Academy of Education.

Since 1998 Eduard Galazhinskiy has been the Director of the TSU Centre for Social and Psychological Education;

Since 1999 – Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs;

2005-2012 – Dean of TSU Department of Psychology;

2013 – TSU First Vice-Rector and Executive Director of the "TSU development programme for 2010-2019"; Eduard Galazhinskiy heads the working group for the Programme for Improving TSU’s Competitiveness Among World Leading Scientific and Educational Centres.

Since November 21st, 2013 – Rector of National Research Tomsk State University.


 Georgiy V. Mayer


Born in 1948, Professor and Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Georgiy Mayer graduated from the TSU Department of Physics in 1971.

Over the years 1971-1993 Georgiy Mayer worked at the TSU Siberian Physics and Technology Institute.    

In 1993, he was appointed as TSU vice-rector for research.1995-2013 - Rector of Tomsk State University.    

Since 2013 – President of National Research Tomsk State University.

Victor V. Dyomin

First Vice-Rector 

Graduated from the TSU Faculty of Radiophyscs in 1980,
Candidate of Physical and Mathematical sciences, Associate Professor.

e-mail: dyomin@mail.tsu.ru

 Evgeny V. Lukov 

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs 
Graduated from the Faculty of History in 1996,
Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor


Alexander B. Vorozhtsov

Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation 
Graduated from TSU Faculty of Physics and Engineering in 1976,
Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor



Artyom Yu. Rykun  

Vice-Rector for International Affairs 
Graduated from TSU Faculty of Philosophy in 1989,
Doctor of Sociology, Professor



Oleg A. Zmeev

Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation  
Graduated from TSU Faculty of Applied Mathematics
and Cybernetics in 1993, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor

e-mail: ozmeyev@gmail.com


Sergey P. Kulizhskiy

Vice-Rector for Social Services 
Graduated from TSU Faculty of Biology and Soil Sciences in 1988, 
Doctor of Biology, Professor

e-mail: kulizhskiy@yandex.ru

Evgeniy V. Chugunov

Vice-Rector for Security
Graduated from Tomsk Polytechnic University in 1994
and Tomsk State University Institute of Law in 2002.

e-mail: chev@mail.tsu.ru

Vladimir B. Andrienko 

Vice-Rector for Administrative Work and Construction
Graduated from TSUAB with a degree in industrial and civil construction in 1992. 

e-mail: ahrtgu@yandex.ru