Faculty of Journalism

Faculty of Journalism


TV and radio journalism

The department of TV and radio journalism is responsible for the training students in this area. The main purpose is to give students the latest knowledge about the world, a man in Electronic Communications and the profession, give skills of journalistic and editorial work, moral guidance. We want to make our graduates competitive not only in the Russian media space, but also in the world.

Technical base of the Department: Laboratory of visual communications and information technologies, including educational TV studio. Base of production practices is also a broadcasting center "University-TV."

Print and online media

Teachers of the department have about 15 training courses on the theory and history of journalism. The main objective of the department is to prepare competent practitioners. Therefore, an important role plays special practical work of students.

Production and design of periodicals

It is creative and interesting field of study. Here launch the projects and working with visual images.

These specialization students often referred as "designers". And it’s partly true. But they are firstly journalists, and they should be able to write as well as the rest.

Studios and laboratories

  • Educational TV studio
  • Laboratory of editorial and publishing
  • Editorial and Publishing Cluster
  • Laboratory of simulation and design publications
  • Photo laboratory
  • Educational and Printing Laboratory (typography)
  • Laboratory of Visual Communications and Information Technology

Since November 2010, Faculty of Journalism is actively developing partnership with Higher Vocational Schools (University) of Hanover. Joint seminars and master classes in reportage and documentary photography are annually held.