Social Activity

TSU is an excellent platform to start your social activities

These organizations may be interesting to you

  1. Social and youth policy
  2. The main activity of TSU’s Department of Social and Youth Policy is to facilitate the extracurricular, social, and cultural activities of students and conduct projects and programs for students.

    School of Active Action helps students turn their ideas into projects: finding an audience, forming a team, and inventing a promotion strategy.

    Rector’s grants are grants to support the most complex, innovative, and important projects. They are proving that the extracurricular activities at the university are also very important.

  3. Joint Student Council
  4. The Council was created to enhance the participation of youth in science, innovation, sports, and international activities. Some examples of activities that it conducts: a cycle of student house concerts, a forum of student government leaders, a program for acceleration of student entrepreneurial social projects, a university media school, the forum ETNO–University, and many others.

  5. TSU’s Enactus team
  6. Enactus is an international program of entrepreneurial student projects aimed at solving social, economic, and environmental problems. The goal of each project is to solve a socially significant problem using business tools.

    TSU’s Enactus team has existed since 2004, and since that time has brought together students of different specialties to create socially significant projects.

    Participants can realize their potential, immerse themselves in the world of business, meet amazing people, and find friends. First, your team develops the plan for a project, then you have a year to implement it. At the end of each year, Enactus teams present the results of their projects.

  7. Scientific Student Society

The goal is to open and to facilitate students’ access to the world of modern science and discover their scientific potential.

TSU Cultural Centre

The Centre is a concert platform and modern cultural and entertainment space. Numerous creative teams of the Centre realize ambitious projects and the wildest dreams. Creative ideas, experiments, and cultural initiatives are brought to life with the help of the most modern lighting and musical equipment in the concert and dance halls.


Dance School “Twist”

Ballroom Dance Studio “Mystery of Dance”

Dance Studio “Pearl”

Flamenco Dance School “Triana”

Dance Theater “Mirror”


Violin Ensemble of violinists

Jazz Orchestra “TSU 62”

Choral chapel of TSU


Literary and Art Theater

Theater of drama and comedy “At the University Grove”

Club of the Cheerful and Quick-witted

Theater of pop sketches “Estus”


Alma Mater is TSU’s newspaper, which has published for more than 80 years. It is monthly and talks about issues, events, and life at TSU. Graduates and students of the Faculty of Journalism work on the newspaper. They say: “But even if you study at another faculty, come to us with your articles, ideas and topics. You always can collaborate with us!”

Newspapers of faculties

The newspaper of your faculty is a place where you can be an editor, journalist, photographer, or designer and highlight the events taking place at your faculty.