Council of Industrial Partners

The Council of Industrial Partners was established at Tomsk state university in November, 2015. TSU is the first to adopt a unique form of collaboration between a higher education institution and companies.

The Council of Industrial Partners is an expert-analytical and advisory management body of TSU. The Council was established to reinforce partner collaboration of the university with high-tech companies in order to increase efficiency of joint projects of technical innovation, research activities, staff training; to ensure functioning and integrated development of TSU as a world-class academic and innovation center.

The Council is aimed at developing proposals and recommendations for forming technical and scientific reserves, establishing staff training system which will be based on advanced approaches to personal growth and will enable competitiveness of employers.

The Council gives assistance to the university in:

Ensuring competitiveness among the most influential research centers, world-class and national level;

Increasing academic mobility for students, academicians and other staff via traineeships and internships in high-tech companies;

Developing effective models of public–private partnership for implementing large-scale infrastructure and technological projects;

Providing conditions for TSU to enter the national and international market of research and development;

Integrating TSU into the global information, research and technological exchange;

Strengthening international reputation and ensuring global recognition of the university.